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Health and Dental Care:

Patients receive medical and dental care plus essential pharmaceutical and medical supplies.


Our on-site pharmacy gives each patient the necessary medicine and medical supplies, including analgesics, antibiotics, vitamins, anti-fungal, and deworming medicines.


We also offer them nebulizers, thermometers, first aid kits, glucose and blood pressure monitors, pumps for asthmatics, and reading glasses for the elderly. 


Medicine is also distributed to facilities that will provide medical services to the impoverished of the community.

Patient Education:

We teach basic hygiene and preventative medicine which has a ripple effect in the community.

In collaboration with Colgate, we have taught children proper tooth brushing, flossing, and hand washing.

We have educated patients in the proper use of their medical equipment, trained them in purifying water.


Our educational presentations stress faith to give hope and empowerment to those who would otherwise feel marginalized.

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